Learn at your own pace courses for the busy educator

As active educators in licensed child care, Discovery Professional Learning knows how busy you are!


We understand that you have big goals that you want to work towards. We also know that most early childhood educators are tired at the end of a long day and that time is the most precious non-renewable resource. 

This is why we created our robust selection of self-guided virtual modules. 

These are geared towards the busy educator who may only have 20 minutes a week to put towards their professional goals after working 40 hours a week in a busy classroom. We know you, we see you… and we are here for you!

Professional Development Courses Built With YOU in Mind

These modules were designed with you in mind. They can be done at your own pace, and can be revisited as many times as you like.

We are passionate about relationship-based learning, that’s why our courses are very interactive and have a variety of modalities such as: videos, articles and interactive reflections. 

Not only that, but all of our virtual modules give you access to a free discussion board that allows you to connect and share with educators from all over the world about the topic you are learning about. This connection provides a space where you can problem solve, share ideas, and create a sense of community with fellow educators.

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Since starting this course, the changes I have noticed the most are just how I communicate with the children. I have found myself more often putting myself in the children's shoes wondering how the words I am communicating to them would be affecting their image, and emotions. Even in the moment I... Read More

Since starting this course, the changes I have noticed the most are just how I communicate with the children. I have found myself more often putting myself in the children's shoes wondering how the words I am communicating to them would be affecting their image, and emotions. Even in the moment I find myself reflecting more on the train of communication with the children to have more meaningful conversations led by the children.

Nicholas, AFCS Ottawa

A Robust Library of Training Courses

Discovery Professional Learning has a robust library of stand alone, learn at your own pace modules, that can be chosen by educators to complete in their own time - from the comfort of their own home or office. 

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These modules range from 1.5 - 3 hours of professional development and cover a variety of topics related to Emergent Curriculum, Nature-Based Learning, and Leadership. These modules are made by our diverse team of child care Directors, Pedagogical Leaders and Educators. 

Each module consists of:

  • Interactive videos.
  • Thoughtful reflection opportunities.
  • Stimulating video and audio content.
  • A thoughtful combination of theory and practice that help educators with all the realities of Early Learning and Care. 
  • The most current and up to date research relating to the topic
  • Connections to Ontario’s Pedagogy: How Does Learning Happen?

*Should there be other topics of interest that are not listed, requests can be made and if possible, content can be created for these topics. Reach out to our team today for financial sponsorship opportunities through your specific County or School Board.

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We offer experiential learning experiences for all professionals in the early
learning sector regardless of your position or level of expertise.

Ethical Pedagogy
This 2 hour course gives you a C.R.A.S.H course in understanding how to notice classism, racism, ableism, sexism, and heterosexism in early learning environments and what to do about it.
Critically examining space
This virtual course guides educators through offerings to examine their learning environments and how they can challenge the status quo.
Image of the educator
This interactive course provides opportunities for educators to examine their view of their work and how we can live into our values each day.
Image of the child
This course provides opportunities to reflect upon the ways that we create opportunities for children to express themselves as competent and capable.
Environments that provoke wonder, joy, and awe
A course that helps educators consider easy ways to promote the values of Nature Connection in the indoor and outdoor environments.
Rituals and routines that grow a connection to place
A course that provides the why/how/what behind the ways we can connect children to the natural world regardless of location or budget.
Introduction to Emergent Learning, Thinking, Teaching, and Being
An introduction to emergent curriculum and the values that guide this in our practice. Perfect for educators who want to dig deeper into emergent curriculum.
My role in cultivating an ecological identity
A course intended for those who want to think deeply about their role in supporting a love for the natural world for children.
Thinking about pedagogical leadership
A course for those who want to begin to think about how pedagogy can enhance their experience as a leader. This course will provide concrete systems and structures to support a culture of reflective practice.
Defining Culture
A course for leaders who want to understand their role in healing, maintaining, and growing a thriving culture and how this can solve recruitment and retention issues.
Leading with Purpose
A course for leaders who are looking for clarity on how to support themselves and their teams with understanding their vision, mission, and values.
Connecting to your Why and the Values of your Organization
Do you want to have that SPARKLE in your eye about your workplace? Do you feel passionate about working from purpose and meaning? This module will support your journey in cultivating value driven professionals and classrooms.
Democracy and Advocacy through change
What is democracy an advocacy and why is it necessary through change? We believe these values are innately linked to the profession of Early Childhood Education and believe educators shape our futures through the work as democratic advocates. 
Collaborative inquiry: The foundation of quality classrooms
A course to help with navigating interpersonal relationships, communication, and the highs and lows of working in a people focused sector.
Skills and dispositions for intentional outdoor play
This course offers an insightful reflection on the outdoor contexts we offer for young children. It invites us to think differently about what we believe about outdoor learning.
Co-constructing more livable futures
A course designed for educators who want to dig deeper into their nature based pedagogy and see how to connect it to advocacy work.
Accountability not compliance
A course designed to guide leaders who want to increase initiative, accountability, and retention in their organizations.
Children as documentors: Mind mapping with children of all ages

Do you struggle with finding the time to document children’s learning? This course will walk you through all the steps you need to know to involve children as young and INFANTS up to school age so documentation can be embedded into everything that you do.

Nature Journaling with Young Children.
Are you wondering how to connect children with the natural world but you have limited time, space, or budget? This course provides strategies for all ages and will provide you with tips on how this can promote well-being, mindfulness, and improved mental health.
Pedagogical Leadership 101
This course will provide you with a framework to learn how to bring more pedagogical leadership into your practice as a leader. This course will share protocols, strategies, and tools to deepen pedagogical practices, improve your organization’s culture, and support your recruitment efforts.
Play-Based Learning 101
A foundational course on all things PLAY and EMERGENT learning. An excellent course for anyone new to the sector and wanted an introduction to child lead learning. A great resource to support new educators in their orientation and onboarding in a play based program.
How Does Learning Happen 101
A course made for those who have been looking for clarity on how to lead a program that connects to Ontario’s pedagogy “How Does Learning Happen.” This course will provide you with resources to support your program with any age group.
Program Statement Implementation
This course is designed for early learning leaders who have been wondering about how to cultivate buy in and engagement with the organization’s program statement, vision, and values. This course provides a framework to create an organizational culture revolution!
Can We Rethink Yearly Reviews?
Have you ever wondered…is there a better way to engage in goal setting with your team? Do you ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels? This course will help you get unstuck and set you on the path to an accountable and engaged culture.

Your Guide to Building Adventure Bags

Are you looking to plan an outdoor education program for your students, but unsure how you can carry all the stuff you’ll need to make it an inclusive, fun and safe environment for the children?