Our Approach

FOR Educators BY Educators

Discovery Professional Learning is a network of Early Childhood Professionals that are committed to providing an inspiring, Nature-Based, comprehensive professional development system FOR educators BY educators. 

We create professional learning conditions for educators to be researchers, try new ideas and test theories.

“When educators engage in continuous learning and questioning, exploring new ideas and adjusting practices they achieve the best outcomes for children, families, and themselves.”

Ministry of Education, 2014c.

What We Believe


We believe educators have the power to impact future generations through reflective practice and thoughtful pedagogies. We believe in supporting as many educators in the pedagogical pursuits of connecting children to the natural world, and implementing high-quality programs for children and families. 

Through thoughtfully curated learning opportunities, we strive to sustain and reignite the spark in the existing workforce; enhance retention through supporting leaders, and grow the number of qualified educators and attract new educators to the sector from a diverse cross section of the population.

We believe that growing children deserve growing educators, and that growing educators deserve growing leaders.

Our Vision

Here at Discovery Professional Learning, the values that anchor our work are; curiosity, reflection, collaboration, emergent practice, sustainability, joy. 

Through our values-driven framework of why/how/what, we provide educators with the opportunity to engage in critical thinking, challenge the status quo, reflect, think about the future of education and reimagine an alternative future. 

We work in emergent ways with educators, leaders, and administrators to consider the systems and structures of our work and make our work and policies live and breathe in new, values driven ways. 

Our work is anchored in our vision of changed and transformed conditions for the Early Years Sector.


Our Vision is to:

  • Ensure each educator has the tools, skills, and dispositions necessary to be a part of the growing number of professionals that provide high quality care and learning to children in Ontario and beyond.

  • Provide a holistic learning experience that will enlighten and improve each educators’ practices and career path.

  • Offer learning opportunities that are reflective of the most up to date research based-theory and practice.

  • Ensure that we support educators in finding the joy, excitement, and spark in their work

  • Ensure professional learning opportunities increase the capacities within the sector and support recruitment and retention and a thriving, fulfilled workforce.


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